Dave Trenberth

Head of Training

Capt. Trenberth’s operational experience is from more than 35 years in Commercial Aviation, which includes 32 years of domestic and international airline operating experience.

Capt. Trenberth’s management experience is from more than 19 years of roles at Senior Management level with several different airlines including Fleet Standards & Fleet Training Manager (B737) for a major Australia Airlines.

Capt. Trenberth is qualified in New Zealand and Australia and holds both ATPLs and Flight Examiner / Flight Instructor ratings. He has now attained more than 20 years of Airline Check and Training experience (aircraft and simulator) on the B737-300 to 800 and DHC8.

Capt. Trenberth has more than 17000 hours of Total Aeronautical Experience including Multi Crew Jet 8500(+) hours and Multi Crew Turboprop 5000(+) hours.

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